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Jose Scott

Using Video Games for Burning Calories and Getting in Shape


When people think of video games, or “gamers”, they usually picture overweight teenage boys who are stuck in their rooms all day glued to a television screen holding a remote control.  That may have been very much the case a decade ago, but video games are completely different in this generation.  There are so many new and innovative games that allow the user to get in the game physically kicking and punching opponents.  While these games are not targeted or sold for their fitness and calorie burning properties, these are just wonderful benefits of using the games. Children have no idea that they are burning calories or even exercising, but instead are enjoying the thrill of the game without getting nagged by their parents to go outside and exercise!

Of course these video games are not a substitute for regular sport because in a virtual reality world, your movements are limited (that is, you can run on the spot, but not leap and spring outside on a football field). There are many different types of games that you can try depending on the kind of workout you would like.  Some of the most active games are not even about sports.  A spokesperson from Skinny Fiber Network said that her favorite games are any role-playing games because the player one can run around and has to actually run or jog on the spot in order to move from place to place.  While fighting opponents in castles or dungeons, you need to kick and punch them and those are very similar to aerobic moves with a calorie burn.

We recommend that parents also remember to watch their kids’ nutrition and diet as they are taking into account this exercise. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water and if they are taking the teen skinny fiber 90 day challenge to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and ensure that they are hydrated enough.  Also try to eat snacks throughout the day that provide energy and are low-sugar and non-processed. An apple is a perfect snack and especially delicious accompanied by some slices of low-fat cheese and peanut butter.  It’s also important to replace all white bread produces like white rice or even pasta with whole-grain or brown versions.  These are packed with fiber and your child should be getting at least 15 grams of fiber a day, and even more if he or she is a teenager.  By combining exercise with a healthy diet, you can help your child fight obesity which is on the rise this decade more than ever before. It’s also helpful to know that video games are not the enemy, and you can find many that will help your child burn calories and stay fit.  Make sure to find ones like these just in time for the winter holiday!

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