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Jose Scott

3 Video Games to Help you Lose Weight


Most people do not associate video games with fitness. In fact, many people would argue that childhood obesity is so rampant in 2015 because kids are doing less sport and exercise because of their addiction to video games. I’d argue that this is very true but only if the children aren’t doing active sports and video games. if you want to learn how to exercise and get in shape, or introduce your kids to more sports and fitness, why not invest in some video games that could actually help them to lose weight?  There are many different options available on the market that both promote weight loss and keeping in fit. The key is that the kids playing the games will be having so much fun, that they won’t even realize they are doing exercise. It is important to get in at least 40 minutes of intense cardio exercise a day says owner of Skinny Fiber America, a health and fitness blog for men and women. “Most children are only getting in under an hour a day of exercise, since they have been restricting physical education classes in the school system to only once a week which is an absolute shame for children everywhere, who need the extra time to practice sports”.  Here are some games that the kids can practice at home to motivate them to love fitness and sports:

1 – Dance Dance Revolution

One of the most popular games available is this dancing game where you need to copy the moves of the dancers on screen.  In this game you can select from a number of popular dance hits which have a really upbeat tune to them and this results in having to move your body faster. You can burn up to 400 calories in only 40 minutes of playing this game. Most kids will dedicate 1-2 hours per video game and that means they could be burning up to 1000 calories by only playing a video game!

2 – Wii Boxing

In this game, you have to play various sports games and mini-games. With the Wii designed controller, you are punching and kicking with your feet and legs and all of these moves burn calories but you must do them a lot and frequently in order to maximize your calorie burn. There are other different games and sports you can play on this platform which further can increase your calorie burn. It all comes down to the amount of effort you are willing to put forth and how much energy you will expend performing each move.

3 – Fitsensation

This latest game offers a special attachment to stand on that tracks weight loss and helps users stay in their ideal weight range for their height and body type. In the game, you can play many different boot camp style challenges, like a series of squats and lunges or easy to follow exercises like running or jumping on the spot.  All of these exercises encourage calorie burning and can help you get in excellent shape if you commit to exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

That completes our exercise game round-up, let us know in the comments section if you have any other games that help increase your fitness level or the level of your young ones!